Main Custom Cover – SideWall Cover


Custom Tire Cover – Personalized for your Jeep, FJ, 4×4, truck or camper!

More Personalized, Type and All Sizes Available


Display your own passion and personalize your JeepFJ, 4×4, truck, or camper with this custom tire cover!  Our spare wheel covers are printed directly.
All our tire covers are designed for the harshest of temperatures – high and low!  Email your cover design or ask us to design for you and let’s get started!
Our custom tire covers can be whatever you make of it:
Business Logos, Clubs, Custom Wording, Pet, Destination, etc…
Our covers are treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading, cracking, and wear. Off-Road folks, they aren’t Tree-Proof but mud is okay! Just a quick wash with a light detergent and water and you’re all set!
(No pressure washers or drive-thru car washes please)

Tire size: Should follow the following sequence xxx/xx Rxx
Artwork: You can email the logo/ picture to us at [email protected]
For further inquiries, contact us directly – text is okay too.  +971 58 889 3654
Business hours 9 am – 7 pm Mon – Thur


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